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Loving your space is more important than ever, for you and for your kids.

Let us help. It's a game changer.

Control Clutter
Your Child's

grOH! continues to serve families and businesses helping to create 

beautiful and purposeful spaces for children to play.


Have questions about how we can support you to improve your play area?

Don't hesitate to reach out!

grOH! is conducting all work virtually during social distancing.

grOH! follows all CDC recommendations. 

"After consulting with grOH!, we completely changed the way we arranged our play area...
His play style has blossomed."

Virtual Offerings

Change your space. Change their play.

An organized and beautiful space

changes everything.

This is exactly why grOH!'s gone virtual.


To help more families create tranquil and independent spaces at home, we've developed:

Full, Custom Designs using virtual processes

E-Designs, a space makeover to give you just what you need.

Create a unique play space  in your home or business like you've never seen before. Integrate your aesthetic style, features that spark creativity and focus, and organizational systems that keep it all clutter free.
It will be a game changer. 
Get expert help to rearrange and redesign the play space in your home. With three different levels of support, you can find the solution that is right for your needs.
Limited Time Social Distance Pricing.

Beautiful Spaces that Inspire

Life Long Learning

Happy Families

Trusting Relationships

Why invest in a grOH! play project?

Play affects a child's development. The spaces in and materials with which children play impact their cognitive, physical, behavioral, and social development.
Play continues well beyond the toddler years; it evolves and takes various forms as children grow. A child's physical space should continue to foster developmentally appropriate play into the teen years.
Children learn best through play. Productive play supports your child's school readiness, teaching them to be creative, brave, and curious in school!
"Before, I couldn't get her to go into her playroom ... Now, I cannot get her to come out!"

Invest in your kid space.

grOH! works with all of them!

Community Playrooms 

Sensory Rooms

Waiting Rooms

Commercial Play Spaces

Residential Playrooms

Small Play Spaces

Shared Play Spaces

Children's Bedrooms & Nurseries

"We spent the whole day in the playroom today. The kids were so happy!"

What does grOH! do?

Did you know that an organized and well designed play space improves independence, learning and behavior? 

grOH! works with you to create intentional, educational, and beautiful play spaces in your business or home. Children won't want to leave!


What makes grOH! different?

grOH! uses a three pillar approach to design, optimizing every space we create with kids and their needs at the center of it all.







Creating Purposeful Kid Spaces

The Traditional Way


Educational Consultant

Interior Designer



With grOH!


Anne + Jodi

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