Playrooms Everyone Loves.

independent play. peaceful spaces. engaged kiddos.

Playrooms Everyone Loves

independent play. peaceful spaces. engaged kiddos.

Confidence You're Doing It Right

Happy Kids,

Happy Family

A Joyful Space

For Everyone

Play space driving you bananas?

  • Do your kids struggle to play independently?
  • Do you want your kids to clean up after themselves?
  • Do you feel anxious just thinking about the playroom?
  • Are you confident your kids are  learning while they play?
  • Do you feel like there's never enough time to keep up with the playroom?
  • Do you want to create a play space everyone loves?
"Before, I couldn't get her to go into her playroom ... Now, I cannot get her to come out!"

- Michelle, Mama

grOH! works with all types of spaces!

Dedicated Playrooms

Children's Bedrooms & Nurseries 

Flexible Play Spaces (e.g., in a bedroom or living room)

If you have toys and children, you need grOH!

"We spent the whole day in the playroom today. The kids were so happy!"

- Alex, Mama

What makes grOH! different?

grOH! is revolutionary because we use an educational lens to transform your play space. It's not just design, it's not just organization. It's a system-based, design-savvy room centered around the way kids' brains work!

Systems help kids use it.

Design helps grown-ups relax in it.

Play helps everyone love it!

What does grOH! do?

grOH! works with you to transform the play spaces in your home or business into intentional, educational, and beautiful spaces children won't want to leave!


Say goodbye to the phrase, "I'm Bored".

Creating Purposeful Kid Spaces

The Traditional Way

You                            Your Child's Teacher                Service Providers                    Interior Designer                     Contractor                              Organizer    

With grOH!

You                              Anne & Jodi

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