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Custom Kids' Interiors.

Spaces designed for learning, fun & family.

Play and learning are at the center of your family. Ours, too! We build our designs on developmental research and years of educational experience to help you create the space that meets your family's unique needs. 


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Grownups, we see you.

You want the world for your kids, and you know their potential is beyond imagination.
You value learning and want to support your kids in developing life-long skills like independence, teamwork, and responsibility.
You have built a life and family you love, and you want your home to support, nurture, and care for it.

You're not sure how to teach your kids the skills you know they need to be successful in school and as 21st century humans.
Your kids beg for screens more than they actively play, create, observe, and think critically.
You have a busy professional life and are seeking an expert to guide you in creating an environment that supports your family.

You don't want to settle.
And you don't need to.



Family Rooms


About grOH! Playrooms

Anne Gillyard and Jodi Arellano are the educators and creatives behind the in-demand, DC-based playroom design firm, grOH! Playrooms. High profile families recognize Anne & Jodi as the “go-to” experts to design cutting-edge play spaces that support critical thinking, independence, and confidence. Anne has an extensive background in early education, having developed a national curriculum for play-based learning that is now taught in 45 states across the country. Jodi has advised and guided over 500 families navigating the middle and high school years. With a unique expertise in intentional play and child development, their signature work in family partnership has captured the attention of BuzzFeed, Washingtionian, and Huffington Post.

Jodi and Anne


The quality of your child's play environment has a direct effect on their skill development: from creativity, inquiry and collaboration, to resilience when facing a challenge.

Research shows us that rich play environments that support open-ended play better prepare children for school and life.


21st Century Skills

Top schools and companies agree: critical thinking and ingenuity is essential for school and workforce success. In fact, 58% of all jobs require 21st Century skills, and the percentage grows each year.

Our playrooms teach these skills, including problem solving, communication, creativity, and leadership.

Brain Development

Did you know that 85% of your child's brain development happens before age 5, and that play is a major contributor to proper brain development?

A purposeful and educational play space creates the rich learning environment that supports this rapid brain growth and prepares children for success in school.

to Playtime

On average kids in the US spend 7.5 hours on screens each day. Research shows that regular access to rich play opportunities has a big impact on improving behavior and focus on learning.

An organized and purposeful play space will allow your kids to play longer, think more deeply, and work more collaboratively.

And guess what? With happy and engaged kids, you can have that extra cup of coffee... uninterrupted.


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What Our Families Are Saying

Purcelleville Playful Bedroom

"Anne and Jodi just understand kids. They thought of everything we could need in the bedroom they designed. It is a space where our three kids want to stay and play when they wake up early in the morning — a great space where they and their cousins can be active and get their wiggles out especially on rainy days. We wanted something fun that will last for years; they nailed it!"

-Jamie, psychologist and Eric, lawyer