A series of Three (3) 30 minute phone or video call consultations. 


We answer your questions about Early Learning, Education, Play, or Development of your 0-5 year old including questions about: Toys; What Skills children work on before school starts; School readiness skills and how to support them; Routines; How to Play with Babies; Social Emotional Skills; Why play is important; Homework; and more!


For example,

Have questions about how to play with or talk to your newborn?

Curious about how to engage your toddler?

What should your kiddo be learning?

Wondering about Preschool, Pre-K, or Kindergarten?

Thinking about redesigning your child's playroom and wondering what to include?


We can cover all of that and more! Let's Chat!

**NOTE: We begin with a survey to get to know your family and your needs to target our sessions together.

Series of 3. Virtual Early Learning & Play Consultations


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