Want to do something amazing for your kids but are worried about fitting a daily activity into your schedule? Try our Petite Guide!


Have a plan for where to go, what to read, and what toys to play with on the weekends! Includes outings and 1 STEAM play activity for your baby, toddler, or infant that helps her/him practice developmental milestones. Lasts 1-2 weeks. Expertly designed for kiddos 0-5 years old.


In this grOH! Guide, have fun learning that all insects have a purpose - including ladybugs! Get your STEAM on with plenty of scientic observation and engineering! Feel great knowing you did something great for your kids!


Use this with yourself or with your nanny for amazing learning opportunities! 


** This guide is designed for the DC Metro Area. Please contact us if you are in a different location!

Petite grOH! Guide: Ladybugs


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