Why You Should Hold Onto That Halloween Costume After Halloween!

Halloween is a great way to add to your imagination play zone. (Want to know more about grOH!’s eight types of play for every playroom? Click here.) We LOVE when playrooms have costumes because children love to create stories and then act them out.

When your littles are very young, you’ll find that it’s mostly recreating experiences from the day (like cleaning or cooking), but as they grow their play gets more and more creative and exciting. This is all very important for their development, so here are two quick tips to make the most out of that Halloween costume… while it fits!

  1. When you’re planning out the costume before Halloween, think about the props and accessories that come with it! Are there hats? Wands? Capes? Try to get items that will last long after your kiddo has outgrown the costume itself so you can extend the play!

  1. After Halloween, make sure that the costume is visible! Don’t just put it in the corner, really spotlight it so that you child can incorporate it into his or her play. And don’t be surprised if they blend elements from different costumes. A princess astronaut movie star doctor? Why not?!

We’re all about creating inspiring spaces to help kids learn and grow through play. If you’re thinking about transforming your playroom, let’s talk! Or, check out our blog for more fun ways to to play with your kiddos.

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