What To Do If Schools Close: COVID-19 with Kids

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Outdoor play and gardening!

Let us just say:

Our singular desire is to see parent and family anxiety around COVID-19 decrease.

We cannot help with the science or public health, but we are educational and child development experts. We can help with what it means to have your children home with you all day, in the case of school closures.

This is the anxiety we are hearing a lot about. This is one of a series of materials lists. Each with provide you with lots to do, explore, and return to throughout the time your child might be home from school or daycare.

Your preparation list for Covid-19: gardening supplies!

No one wants to be at home all the time, not us and not our children. When we are planning to be home for a period of long time with our kiddos, we should be planning on providing outdoor play opportunities (so we can all stay sane)

Before I start, let me say that there are so many benefits to gardening.

1. We get outside - fresh air helps EVERYONE

2. Kids work on motor skills. There is a lot of bending, balancing, motor-planning

3. There are so many opportunities for science and observational skills

4. It makes our outdoor spaces beautiful!

I could go on and on, but the point is we should always be prepared to play outside, and gardening is a great way to do it!

Ok, so what do you need:


flower boxes/pots

Gardening gloves

Gardening Tools

Kid-size shovel and rake


Watering can


Any random cup, container, box or bin you are ready to get a little dirty

Bonus Idea

If you have a larger yard, or a garden bed, you may want to create a larger play environment. You can create a construction site, a dinosaur excavation site, or anything your child can dream of.

Dump dirt and rocks and allow your children to play.

Invite them to bring out their dinosaurs and construction vehicles in addition to the shovels and scoops to create an entire play scene.

Try to slow down and ENJOY this play time (or grab a cup of coffee and answer an email, they'll be in the dirt for a while!)!

**I will be the first to admit that they, and probably you, will get dirty. Give yourself permission to get dirty! It will make your time at home with your kiddos much less stressful. And, never fear, check out our whole post about turning cleaning into play time!

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