Part 1: What On EARTH Should I Do With My Kids This Weekend? A Series on Field Work.

What Is Field Work?

Explore Your City, Learn What Kids Love + Expand Your World.

Weekends can be the most stressful or the most joyful part of a family’s week.

Think, for a moment, about how different a well planned weekend feels from a weekend where you have no idea what to do, where to go, or how to spend time with your kiddos.

Guess what, there’s a way to stop just killing time on the weekend instead filling it purposefully… with minimal work and maximum reward. It’s life changing! You love your family time AND feel confident that you are giving your kids amazing learning opportunities that last the WHOLE weekend and beyond, rather than just a couple hours on Saturday.

What is this magic, you ask… well, it’s Field Work!


Think great scientists and explorers… Field Work is getting outside and examining the ideas that we read and talk about in real life - so we can touch, smell, and observe them closely.

Field Work is fun; it is play. It is an experience in the REAL world. Field Work is learning!

And families… let’s not forget… Field Work is a reason to get out of the house!

Head to the Natural History Museum to look at Plants and their Pollinators.


If you’re not convinced yet…

In-person, up-close Observation creates such rich connections in brains, for both grown-ups and kiddos, that it improves memory and helps us all create rich memories and well evidenced ideas about the world.

So, every blade of grass kids pull, every morsel of dirt kids eat, and adorable baby goat kids pet creates impactful memories!

It doesn’t stop there! Kiddos use these memories to make connections and associations as they continue to learn about the world through books and in conversations. They will use these connections the rest of their lives. This network of ideas about the world and connections between related topics is called schema... which sets them up for success in school and beyond!

Field Work is a fast track for schema building!

Also, need I say it again?

Families… Field Work is a reason to get out of the house!

TRUCKS! The best thing about them is that they are everywhere. Unscheduled Field Work is great too. See a construction site, stop and talk about it!

Allow me to quickly explain some vocabulary:

There is a difference between Field Work and a day trip. Think of it as the difference between filling time and killing time.

Field Work has a purpose or a lens. You go to the natural history museum to look at all of the different types of insects to fill your time learning about their similarities and differences.

You go on a day trip to the natural history museum because you have time to kill - so you see the mummies, dinosaurs, and insects. You walk until kids are ready for a nap!

Don’t get me wrong, BOTH are beneficial, fun, and have their place! However, we advocate finding a balance.

While, yes, Field Work takes a bit more time to organize (although you can use our grOH! Guides and resources to help!!), we just want to give Field Work a special plug as an unsung weekend hero! It helps you organize and focus your time, give purpose to your excursion, and then helps you extend the experience once you’re home to make the learning keep on going! It is a powerful tool to give your kids because it allows them to create rich, focused memories and ideas about the world!! So Powerful.

These rich experiences you have with your kids helps deepen your relationship with your kiddo. We like to plan (at least) one Field Work per weekend. Because, parents, it kind of makes you (or at least it makes me) feel like a parent-boss!! And who doesn’t love that!?

We help you plan your own Field Work OR we take the planning off the table… we’re full of ideas to share:

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Let’s transform your weekends! Stay tuned for the rest of this series.

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