Design Your Homeschool Space With These Fun Features!

You'll feel like you won fall 2020.

We all need a homeschool space, so let's make it special

Why not add some magic to your homeschool / virtual learning space. Add any (or all ) of these products to your learning space and you’ll win points for days. Your kiddos will actually be excited to spend time there.

Considering where to set up your homeschool space? Check out this post with our recommendations.

Magnet board

A big one! We have a 3’x3’, but go wild! The largest I’ve installed has been 4’x8’.

Why we love it:

Sheer versatility! You can use a magnet board for so many things and it never gets old.

How we use it:

  1. Use for math

  2. You can get many of your child’s math manipulatives in magnetic form. Moving items around on a large magnetic space adds a lot of novelty to the task!

  3. Story telling

  4. Find magnetic storytelling kits or character magnets. Use them to make up stories or retell a story you just read!

  5. A different surface to write on

  6. Use the magnetic board as a surface to pin up work your wiggly kiddos need to do. Being able to stand and do work makes all the difference!

  7. Play time

  8. Some of your kiddo’s favorite toys, like magnetiles and tegu blocks, are great to play with. Consider getting a magnetic marble run to integrate some science and engineering play in your day!

Wall easel.

Why we love it:

A perfect place to get creative! Pluse, a standing easel saves floor space!

How we use it:

  1. Art time!

  2. Go for it! Use paint, marker or oil pastels to create masterpieces!

  3. Writing

  4. Create storyboards or write stories in this format is a fun way to mix up developing this important literacy skill

  5. Acting

  6. Create a backdrop for your play or performance! It’s already up on the wall so all you need to do is start acting.

  7. Making Plans

  8. We all need to make plans. Whether it is a plan for the day, what work to get done, or how to be kind to a sibling, use the wall easel to post the plans and keep them visible!


Why we love it:

Need I say more? The fun factor is high! All you need is a trusted, licensed contractor or handyman to help you install the correct swing hardware and, like magic, you have a swing in under 30 minutes!

How we use it:

  1. Alternative spot for work time

  2. A great alternative to traditional-desk work time

  3. Break time

  4. Some children’s bodies really seek the swinging movement. For them it could be soothing after a difficult work session. It can be energizing to others, but for most, it is just a lot of fun.


Why we love it:

Sometimes we all just need a change of scenery, and clipboards make it easy!

How we use them:

  1. Work outdoors

  2. This is a great way to make work time feel really special. All you need is a clipboard, pencil, blanket and a snack to make your outdoor school day special.

  3. Belly on the ground work

  4. Add a little novelty to the day and allow your child to choose where they lay down to work. This can also be helpful to calm the nervous system.

  5. Curl up in a nook

  6. Children can find nooks everywhere, encourage it with a clipboard

  7. In my teaching days, I would have students crawl into empty shelves and be so productive!

Alternative Seating

Why we love it:

Floor pillows, camping chairs, wiggle cushions, oh my! There are so many options here. Have one alternative or several for your kiddos to choose from throughout the day.

How we use them:

  1. Providing kiddos options of where they are going to sit and the tools they will use during work time gives them control over their work time. When we provide children with choices and control, it goes a long way toward a peaceful homeschool/virtual learning day!

Curious about what other items need to be in a homeschool/ virtual learning environment? Download our homeschool/ free virtual learning checklist for your child’s age group!


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Wishing you and yours hours of magical play time!

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