The Toy Edit: Step One To A Clutter Free Playroom!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Binging a certain Netflix show lately? We're all feeling inspired by a certain dynamic duo's new home organization show. Container Store, get ready!

Download your copy of The Toy Edit Decision Matrix here!

We're here to say: don’t stop with the pantry and closets; get the playroom (and all the kids’ spaces) under control! With the right storage, the right systems, and some real-life, honest-to-goodness EDITING of toys, we can reclaim our whole house from the toy take over.

The benefits are too many to list here, but we will say this. Having an organized play space is a game changer, for everyone. Not only will you feel better with your new, polished kid-clutter free space, but also your kiddos will be able to focus and engage in even more sustained, rich playtime. Beauty, zen, AND LEARNING... yes, please!

Toy decluttering is step one, and step one often feels like the hardest. It involves a tricky (and often emotional) decision: What toys stay, and what toys go. Using our decision matrix, The Toy Edit, will help you review your toys, thin your collection, and find some peace in your playroom! While some of these decisions might still be hard, know that every toy that you take out of the playroom invites even better play in!

So what’s stopping you? Let’s do this thing!

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PS. PRO-TIP: Once you decide you are donating toys, take them OUT of the house immediately (or at minimum out of sight). Your kiddos will find the donation pile and insist those toys are their most favorite toys in the whole world... spoken from both professional and personal experience.