Part 4: What On EARTH Should I Do With My Kids This Weekend? A Series on Field Work.

Play Doesn't End On Sunday. Play Every Day (And Make Your Evenings Go Smoother!)

Moving Beyond Field Work

Field Work is amazing because it gives you and your kiddos REAL WORLD experiences and memories. But Guess What? Those experiences from your focused Field Work can be extended to create rich, meaningful and FUN play throughout your work week! And… HUGE BONUS… it makes your evenings (or days) more meaningful and … dare I say it… SMOOTH! Yes, families, smooth!

We have lives. We cannot go on field work with our kiddos every day. Field Work takes energy. Everyone - nannies, mamas, papas, grandparents and friends need to mix up how much energy they exert with their kids each day.

But we can give our kids meaningful play every day - in a way that give us a WIN (because we deserve them) and in a way that helps everyone play, build joy and grOH!

An Example from Exploring Apples!

After going apple picking and spending quite a bit of time in the produce aisle at the grocery store, I was playing with Grant (18 m) around apples. I offered up play around our experience at the apple farm. I thought, 'Let's build a tractor. We can use blocks and work on stacking them high to reach tall "apple trees" (apples from the kitchen placed on the window sill).'

I offered Grant the Mega Blocks… Well, Grant was not having it. So I dumped out a ½ full moving box (we just moved in- so the added chaos on the floor was not noticed). I hid apples around the room and we used the box as a tractor/ apple picking contraption. VROOMing around the room, we searched for and “picked” the apples over and over again until the dinner was finished baking!

Check out this farmer and his tractor! Pretty serious apple collection!

What? so easy! AND we talked the entire time about our apple picking adventure.

The best part was, the next morning, Grant wanted to do similar play. He independently hid the apples, pushed the box around the kitchen and picked them! YAY for infusing topic play into free play… with no adult input!!! It's a beautiful thing! Plus I got peaceful coffee time!

Bottom Line: Don't be afraid!

Try play, offer it up and No Big Deal if it doesn't go to your plan... it should go according to theirs!

With the littlest littles, you build and describe what you are doing and why. As littles get bigger, they do more and more of the physical work and you become more of a consultant and cheerleader!

Sometimes thinking of what to play on a specific topic is more than our grown-up brains can handle after our long list of commitments…

Here’s our advice: Keep it simple, so simple!

We help you plan your own Field Work OR we take the planning off the table… we’re full of ideas to share:

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Let’s transform your weekends! We LOVE playing and grOHing with you!

Until next time... Have Worlds Of Fun!

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