Part 2: What On EARTH Should I Do With My Kids This Weekend? A Series on Field

4 Quick Steps Plan A Weekend Everyone Loves. Kids Win. Parents Win.

Okay, I’m sold, but how?? How in the world do I plan Field work?

Our weeks are packed, my evenings are full.

It takes only a couple minutes AND the more you do it, the easier it becomes!

Here are 4 quick steps to follow to figure out your rich field work:

Step 1: Identify An Interest

- Your kids interest

- A seasonal item of interest

- Your own interest you want to share

Step 2: Identify 2-3 Places In The City To Explore The Interest!

(HINT: Places Do Not Have To Be Epic)

- Is it the fall? Want to explore leaves? Go on a walk outside

- Do you love dogs? Go to the park and go on a dog search

- Obsessed with fish? Check out a local nature center

Step 3: Use A Question To Figure Out ONE, Singular Focus Within Your Topic.

Here are some questions to think about. Keep in mind, you should only work on more complicated questions IF your kids already understand deeply. It's okay - amazing even, to start simple and stay simple... even if your kids do understand. You can spend 1 week's Field Work (or a month of Field Work) exploring the same, single question…

- Define. What is ____________?

- Identify Patterns. What is the same about all ________?

- Purpose. What is the purpose of ________? (body part, whole creature, action)

- Use. Why is _______ important to people? How do people use it?

Step 4: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

- Return to the same location over and over again.

- Explore the same ideas and topics at different places.

- Repetition is SO beneficial for kids and adults!

Some quick tips:

1. Simple, Simple, Simple! It is important to move from the most simple question to the most complex.

2. Take Your TIME! Do not move on to a more complex question until kids really understand it!

3. Narrow Your Focus! Believe it or not, it is best to ONLY focus on 1 question/ 1 understanding for a long time - think every weekend for a month ! Focusing for a long time on 1 idea is MORE beneficial than hurrying through multiple understandings! Depth is more important than breadth!

4. The Younger They Are, The Smaller The Ideas! Younger children should stick with more bite-sized understandings. One at a time.

Let me put your mind at ease:

It’s ok if you are not convinced they understand! Continuously revisit ideas! Here is what is important:

*** You spend time together investigating something FUN - this builds your relationship!

*** You talk!

*** You expose your child to the amazing aspects of our world.

*** You enjoy!

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