Holiday Gift Lists For Your Mover & Shaker.

As you watch your kiddo grow and develop more interests and those interests intensify, I love infusing homes and play spaces with more material, toys and products that support it! If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your playroom to support your kiddos’ interest(s) and strength, here are some of our playroom designer favorites! Each one of these products support grOH!’s eight types of play, and will look good in your playroom. But most importantly… these toys are extremely fun!

You know you have a climber when you text your friends that your kid is bouncing off the walls… and you aren’t even joking. Here are 5 perfect presents to inspire a mountain of fun and help you reach the summit of gift giving:

Toys For Your Mover & Shaker

  1. Pikler Triangle (0-3y)

  2. Pikler Triangle (0-6y)

  3. Climber & Rocker

  4. Swing

  5. Nugget

  6. Jungle Jumparoo

  7. Bike

  8. Scooter

Is your kiddo a real Michelangelo? A kiddo of many talents and interests? Don’t miss our other lists so your playroom will be stocked with the tools and materials they need!

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