Holiday Gift Guide For Your Engineer/ Builder

Builder/ Engineer

As you watch your kiddo grow and develop more interests and those interests intensify, I love infusing homes and playspaces with more material, toys and products that support it! If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your playroom to support your kiddos’ interest(s) and strength, here are some of our playroom designer favorites! Each one of these products support grOH!’s eight types of play, and will look good in your playroom. But most importantly… these toys are extremely fun!

You have a Builder!

So, what is Building?

Building includes a constant cycle of construction and (often) demolition. Builders come in two varieties, those who love to keep their creations; these builders feel accomplished because of the finished product. Then, there are those who like to build, rebuild, and perfect; similar to a tinkerer, these builders like the process of building, constructing and demolishing. You might see a builder do following:

*build and knocking down houses, castles, garages, barns etc over and over

*LEGO creator who may not play with the end creation

*using multiple materials and products to create the same or similar construction projects

Building is the first step toward becoming a designer and engineer!

If your playroom feels like it’s always under construction, you have a builder! Give them the tools and materials they need to bring their dreams to life. Here are our 8 favorite gifts for your builder (no hard hat required… but it is encouraged!):

Toys For Your Builder

  1. Rigamajig

  2. Play Follies

  3. Magnatiles

  4. LEGO

  5. Lincoln Logs

  6. Just Blocks

  7. Keva Blocks

  8. Marble Runs

Want to learn more about why blocks are such a hugely important part of early childhood classrooms, We love this article by NAEYC!

Is your kiddo a real Michelangelo? A kiddo of many talents and interests? Don’t miss our other lists so your playroom will be stocked with the tools and materials they need!

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