7 Fun Kitchen Activities!

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

grOH! loves collaborating with The Culinistas! Let’s talk about some ways to get our kiddos involved in the kitchen!

The kitchen is the place where we create meals, but is also an awesome spot for our kiddos to learn a whole lot of life skills: fine motor skills, following instructions, teamwork, patience, troubleshooting, math, science, language, culture, the list goes on and on!

Sometimes adding kiddos into the kitchen can be overwhelming…especially when everyone is hungry (read: hAngry). Try some of our #grOHTogether Tips to get your kiddos involved in the kitchen without the pressure of mealtime weighing on you!

7 Fun Kitchen Activities!

1. For our littlest, sensory activities allow kiddos to become familiar and comfortable in the kitchen! Break out your pots and pans for some drum solos, fill the sink with soapy water and have a dishwashing party, or have them sort condiments by color, shape, and size!

2. Create a no-pressure cooking or baking scenario for your kiddos and have fun creating together! Gather and prepare ingredients, assist them safely with an appliance or utensil, cook or bake your treat and enjoy!

Quick and simple recipes include:

- rice krispy squares

- puppy chow

- pigs in a blanket

- homemade pizza

3. Playing with food...oh, yes! Have littles build fine motor skills by threading cheerios onto dried spaghetti noodles. For older builders, toothpicks, skewers, and veggies can create some legit structures that double as a great snack! Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers (sliced and/or diced!), and peppers are super veggies for building!

4. Refrigerator magnets and cookie sheets can be great friends…explore the magic!

5. Setting the table is a great job for kids to be involved and develop responsibility! They have ownership of part of the meal and the completed task boosts their confidence in the kitchen. And remember, this can happen before cooking begins!

6. Language skills in the kitchen? You bet! For our kiddos who can read, allow them to be in charge of a recipe. This will help reading and public speaking skills. Add in a sprinkle of planning and time management development when kids are in charge of timers!

7. Let’s try a science experiment!

Try this: In a muffin tin, add baking soda and a couple drops of food coloring into

each section, about a quarter full. Then have your kiddo add vinegar with different

kitchen utensils: different sized spoons, a (small!) cup, a baster, and the like!

Bonus Tip: Allow your kiddo to host sometimes! With the kitchen in your playroom, request an invitation for dinner! Ask them questions: What does everything do in their kitchen? Is their kitchen in a restaurant? A house? What recipes can they make?