5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween Safely This Year

Oh, 2020, we’re SO over you. You’ve taken so much from us, but you WILL NOT take Halloween! Halloween is a perfect excuse to have some serious fun (and candy!), even if you aren’t trick or treating the way we used to.

Here are five ways to celebrate this spooky holiday, all while keeping your family safe.

1. Hold a scavenger hunt!

Yes, this one requires a bit of prep work, but it’ll really pay off! It’s a perfect outdoor activity (easily adapted to be socially distant!) and oh so exciting for the kiddos. Have some fun with this one -- write up some clues, create an obstacle course or two, and make sure you’ve got your Halloween-themed soundtrack on in the background!

2. Set out socially distant goody bags on Halloween night!

Looking for more activities for your kids? Goody bag assembly is surprisingly entertaining and will take up a decent amount of time! Then, on Halloween, get everyone dressed up (no better time to wear a mask, right?) and set the bags out six feet apart for the neighborhood kids.

3. Have a Halloween parade!

Neighborhood parades are a wonderful activity because the kids will already be spaced apart. Keep things exciting for them when you call out silly ways to walk: Jump on one foot, move their bodies like their costumes would, etc. You’re going to want to have your camera at the ready for this one!

4. If you are strictly quarantining, throw a virtual spirit week for your child and their friends, ending with everyone dressing up in their costumes!

Create a group text with the grownups and share your photos at the end of the day so the kids can see each other. Try this:

October 26 - Monster Monday. Snap a pic of your child making his or her scariest monster face.

October 27 - Twinning Tuesday. Grownups get to participate in this one, too! Find clothes that match each other. No need to overcomplicate it! If you are both wearing stripes or the same color shirt that gets the job done.

October 28 - Wacky Wednesday, of course! Time to get silly. This one is open to interpretation!

October 29 - Talented Thursday. Take a picture of your kiddo holding up a Halloween-themed work of art.

October 30 - Costume Fri-YAY! It’s time to dress up in that Halloween costume and have some fun. If you’re up for it, hold a group Zoom to show off your costumes.

5. Use candy and graham crackers to make your own haunted houses!

Think of these like gingerbread houses, but for Halloween! Whip up some royal icing, get your graham crackers and candy ready, and get to work! A candy corn fence out front? Licorice molding for the exterior? Somebody call HGTV!

Looking for a shortcut? You won’t find any judgement here! You can find haunted house kits at many of the places you love to shop.

Most importantly, do what works for your family! You’ve already got a lot on your plate -- don’t feel like you have to do it all. Find something fun and do it your way. Years from now, you’ll tell your kids about this time and the many things you did to keep them safe. But for right now? All they’ll know -- and just as importantly feel -- is that they had an amazing Halloween. And that’s the way it should be! You’ve got this, grownups.

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