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Balanced Play Achieves Balanced Learning


All children learn best through play, so we design spaces using our balanced play equation. Intentional layout and design of your space leads to varied types of play, which leads to well-rounded skill building.

Everyone Deserves a Beautiful Space


The beauty and intentionality of the spaces where we play, learn, and work directly impact us. Both children and grown-ups thrive in beautiful, soothing, and well organized spaces. We create thoughtful designs and systems based on your needs. All of our recommendations promote play, growth, independence, and relationship building.

Less is More


Just as visual clutter can hinder an adult's work, it can hinder a child's play. By minimizing what is available to children at one time, and changing out toys and materials regularly, you build novelty and excitement around play in your home. The phrase “I’m bored!” disappears and your child’s ability to focus and engage in independent play increases.

Love the Planet


Whenever possible, we prioritize sourcing earth-friendly products, including those made from recycled materials and renewable resources.  We support local and environmentally-conscious companies to minimize the impact on Mother Earth.

Give Back To Our Community 


We strongly believe that toys and materials one family grows out of are exactly what another family needs. We partner with many local organizations to find new homes for our clients' unneeded items.