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Custom Transformation

pricing based on pricing size and scope.

**serving families in the Washington, DC Metro Region

Whether its an outdoor treehouse, basement playroom, family room, or nursery, your design will help your family be ready for all the developmental leaps to come.


What is Custom Transformation? 

Full Service Play Space Transformation is our very best package and educational design/developmental organization service that we offer at grOH! Playrooms. Our 3 phase design process will transform your kiddo's spaces into beautiful, soothing, and educational spaces that you can't get them to leave. We plan and manage all aspects of your project from start to finish. 

grOH's stress-free process will create the perfect space for your family at the intersection of play, education, and good design.

Is Custom Transformation Right For Me?

  • I've seen grOH! Playroom's projects and want that level of organizational, educational, and aesthetic design for my children.

  • I am not interested in managing my design project; I prefer to trust the process and leave it to education and design professionals.

  • I am a busy, hardworking parent, and I want a beautiful home where my children and family are happy. I don't have time to shop, design, coordinate shipping and returns, manage a project, or build and install items myself. I just want it done.

  • I value spaces that inspire independence, education, creativity, and fun for my family.

If you answered yes to any of the statements above, Full Service Play Space Transformation is a great fit for you.

Three Things To Expect From Our Full ​Service Play Space Transformation

1. Our supportive and thorough 3 Phase Design Process 

Phase 1: Design Phase

  • Kick off meeting: Initial Design/Letter of Agreement 

  • Accurate measurements of the space

  • Detailed floor plan to scale

  • Elevations (if necessary)

  • 3D rendering of custom build features

  • Custom color palette for the space

  • Conceptual style, toy and organizational plan

  • Design "tape-out" and sample inspection

  • Detailed design plan specifications

  • Detailed organization plan specifications and maps

  • Detailed educational rational for floor plan and products.

  • Comprehensive budget to complete the space

  • Design Plan Presentation with your Lead Playroom Designer

Phase 2: Procurement

  • Design plan approval

  • Order and procure all furniture, products, materials and toys

  • Detailed schedule creation and installation

  • Construction management

  • Organized logistics tracking

  • Project troubleshooting and problem solving

Phase 3: Installation & Transformation

  • Haul away and donation of items

  • Complete organization and implementation of systems 

  • Detailed description of systems for system users

  • Project troubleshooting and problem solving

  • Management of delivery, construction, installation and organization of the space

  • Open communication

  • Final walk through

  • Family check in

  • Media day

2. Lots of Hands-on Time with your grOH! team

1. After having a "Project Information Call" and "In-Home Consultation" with us, you will receive a custom proposal based on the size and scope of your project. You will review the proposal with your playroom designer to make sure it reflects exactly your needs! You pay a $2,000 deposit to your "Kick-Off" meeting on the calendar.


2. Kick-Off Meeting: At the "Kick-Off", we create your project timeline together and begin your design. grOH! takes measurements of your space at the end of meeting. The remainder of your design fee is due at the end of this meeting.

3. Design Concept Development, 4 weeks: Jodi, Anne and the grOH! team will collaborate with their trades team and begin the creative process to build a comprehensive Educational, Organizational and Aesthetic Design Plan to organize, style, and construct your new space. The design will be complete with investment figures, floor plans, elevations and renderings (for custom builds) so you can start visualizing your transformed space.

4. Design Concept Meeting, 2 hours: During this presentation, you'll see the holistic vision for your space, share your feedback, and further clarify the direction of your design. Many elements will be actual purchasable items, however some elements may be conceptual. As necessary, grOH! provides 1-2 revisions so every feels excited and confident moving into the next phase.


5. Final Design Development, 4 weeks: Your playroom designer will finalize all product and material selections as well as any custom construction designs and begin to schedule with the trade team, as necessary.

6. Final Design Presentation, 1.5 hours : During this presentation, you'll see your finished space. Once you sign off on the design and pay the materials invoice, grOH! launches into the second phase of the design process.


7. Procurement, 6 weeks: grOH! creates a project schedule and coordinates the trades team, as necessary. They track and coordinate all freight, shipment, and deliveries, holding and storing all items until the Installation and Transformation Phase. If items are broken, incorrect, or out of stock, grOH! handles everything to make it right and provides the best options to move your project forward.

8. Installation & Transformation, 5+ Days : Your playroom designer and her team transforms your space. grOH! manages everything from haul away to organization to managing tradespeople, you don't have to lift a finger. Deep sigh of relief! Your playroom designer will communicate updates to you throughout the process and documents all organizational systems to share with you after project completion. 

9. TaDa!, FOREVER: Congratulations, you have a space your entire family will enjoy for years! grOH! designs their spaces to last through your child's growth and development. Your Playroom Designer will walk through the space with you on the final install day. 2 weeks later, she will stop by to check in, and schedule a Media Day with you. Remember, you have our over the moon guarantee. If  changes need to be made to help the space work even better for you, we will support you for Free up to 60 days after installation.  

Let us handle everything about your project from start to finish. Creating spaces all the way through to completion is what we do best for busy families like yours!

3. An Investment In Your Family's Future

Families experience huge life-style transformations after their grOH! designs are complete including:

  • A space that is completely customized to the interests and needs of your family and home

  • More focus and extended playtime for your kiddos 

  • Noticeable increase in creative play

  • Independence... which means you have a hot cup of coffee

  • Organized systems that keep spaces clutter-free

  • A curated space that just feels great to be in for the whole family

  • A design that will grow with your kids. You'll be enjoying this space for 10+ years

Investment Details

Design time: 4 months

Installation time: 3-5 weeks

Pricing includes all materials, products, design and grOH! team labor.


Investment for in-person design services start at $45,000*

Investment for virtual design services start at $12,000