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Play Space Consultation


**serving families in in person in the Washington, DC Metro Region and virtually everywhere else

Every project starts with a Play Space Consultation, whether it's big or small, in-person or virtual. We'd love to be of service!


Follow These Simple Steps To Book Your Consultation 

1. Schedule the Consultation

2. Gather A Few Inspiration Images

3. Discuss The Level Of "Investment" With All Grownups Involved

4. Dream Big!

You must have a free Project Information Call with us prior to your Consultation.

What To Expect From The Initial Consult

  • You'll get up to two hours at your home (in-person or virtually) to discuss as many spaces as you'd like.

    • grOH! works with playrooms, family rooms, living rooms, basements, attics, bedrooms, nurseries, and entryways.

  • This consultation is for you! If we can serve you best by offering advise, touring the whole home, seeing how you use the space currently etc that is what we will do!

  • You'll share your inspiration photos and style with us, and grOH! will ask a lot of questions and take a lot of notes. We will also take some photographs to help us remember the details of your space.

  • After the consultation, grOH! will share notes with you prior to preparing a proposal for you around how grOH! can best serve you and your family, as discussed during the consultation. 

How to Best Prep For The Play Space Consultation To Maximize Results:

  • Prepare inspiration images to review with your playroom designer during your consultation to help define your style and vision for the space. 

  • Gather all parties involved in this design project (partner/spouse, other grownups) and have a conversation about your level of investment for this project before your playroom designer arrives. It is best to discuss how much time, energy, and money you think you'd like to invest into this project so Jodi and Anne can recommend the best service for you.

  • If you do not know 100%, that is ok! Your designer can help you calculate an estimated cost for your project during the meeting.  

  • Get excited! We are about to make magic happen in your home! grOH! has an incredible team that can execute your vision from start to finish. After this meeting, you'll be one step closer to making a vision of a soothing, stress free play space a reality. It will change your entire family. Now that is something to get excited about!

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