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DIY Plan


**serving families in in person in the Washington, DC Metro Region and virtually everywhere else

Whether its an outdoor treehouse, basement playroom, family room, or nursery, your design will help your family be ready for all the developmental leaps to come.


What is the DIY Plan​?

So you love to DIY, but want a little guidance. We are here for you, and want to help. Partnering with us on your DIY play space project will ensure that you don't waste time (or money) making decisions that, in the end, won't work for your family.


grOH!'s DIY Plan provides a conceptual plan for you to use as a "recipe" to pull together a beautiful, developmentally sound, organized and cohesive space on your own. This packages allows you to enter into a "light" version of our exclusive Complete Design Plan to provide you with ideas about and inspiration around the furniture, products, and materials necessary to create a beautiful and functional play space, so you can choose the final selections and create the ultimate organizational systems yourself. 

Approach your DIY Project with confidence with the help or grOH!'s educational design expertice. 

Is a DIY Plan Right For Me?

  • I live outside of the DMV area.

  • I need storage solutions, products and a guide for how to organize my playroom; I want guidance to make sure I'm moving in the right direction.

  • I am excited to do the design and work myself, but I want to make sure I'm going about the project right from the start.

  • I've been working on my space for a while, and I need a push (and some help) to complete it

  • I need an expert help to make decisions

  • I have time to shop and source furnishing, materials, toys and products on my own. 

  • I love grOH! Playrooms style, I just need a simple plan to follow in my children's spaces.

If you answered yes to at least 3 of the statements above, the DIY Plan is a great fit for you.

What To Expect From Our DIY Plan

Our supportive and thorough Design process with provide you with a map of your space. 

  • Kick off meeting: Initial Design/Letter of Agreement 

  • Accurate measurements of the space

  • Detailed floor plan to scale

  • Elevations (if necessary)

  • Custom color palette for the space

  • Style and product concept

  • Basic toy and organizational concept

  • Detailed design plan specifications

  • Basic organization concept specifications and maps

  • Educational rational for floor plan 

  • Comprehensive budget to complete the space

  • Concept meeting with your Lead Playroom Designer

Steps To A DIY Plan: 

1. After having a "Project Information Call" and "In-Home Consultation" with us, you will receive a proposal for the DIY Plan. You will review the proposal with your playroom designer to make sure it reflects exactly your needs! You pay a $1,000 deposit to your "Kick-Off" meeting on the calendar.


2. Kick-Off Meeting: At the "Kick-Off", we create your project timeline together and begin your design. grOH! takes measurements of your space at the end of meeting. The remainder of your design fee is due at the end of this meeting.

3. Design Concept/ Budget Agreement, 4 weeks: Jodi, Anne and the grOH! team begin the creative process to build a comprehensive Educational, Organizational and Aesthetic Design Concept to organize, style, and construct your new space. The design will be complete with investment figures, floor plans, elevations, style concepts so you can construct a vision for your transformed space.


4. You're Ready To Go, Deliverables, immediate: grOH! delivers the your Concept deck, including products, materials, furnishings and toys, resources, floor plans and, organizational maps for you to use during your product sourcing and implementation. Of course, you'll be able to follow-up with us for up to 30 days after the delivery of the plan to ask any questions.

The DIY Plan will provide you will provide you with a detailed vision and framework to create the space you and your family have been craving.

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